4 Tips That Will Help You Expand Your Screen Printing Business This Year

21 February 2017
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If you recently started a screen printing business and want to expand upon your business this year, here are four tips that you should employ in order to grow your business.

#1 Attend Trade Shows

If you want to grow your screen printing business, you need to make more people aware that your business exists. Look up local business trade shows in your area, and arrange for a booth. At this trade shows, display different custom designs that you have created and put up samples of the different types of work that you can do. For example, if you screen print on bags or on hats, make sure that you include examples of that type of screen printing.

To draw in new clients, be sure to market a special offer and hold a drawing that offers a prize associated with your business.

#2 Keep An Active Social Media Presence

Next, in order to expand your business, keep an active presence on social media. A great social media platform for your screen printing business is Instagram. With Instagram, you can take pictures of your work and of your work process. It is a great way to share your designs and to show how the screen printing process works. It's also a way to share other information that your clients might be interested in. The more you show up in the social media feeds of your clients, the more likely they are to think of you when they need screen printing done. An active social media presence will help you attract new clients as well.

#3 Find A Unique Angle

Try to find a unique angle or niche for your screen printing business. Having a unique niche or angle will help you connect with a more specific type of customer, and can help you reach out to other niches.

For example, maybe you are really great at creating kid-friendly images for school events. Or maybe you specialize in putting together great graphic for craft brewers. Or perhaps you are really great at screen printing on a unique material. Find a unique angle and use that angle to market and gain business with a specific niche group of clients.

#4 Provide A Bonus Example

When you do a job for a client, always through in a little bonus for the client. This bonus should exhibit your skills and relate to their business as well. For example, you could put their logo on a tote bag or you could add different colors to their logo and print a few extra t-shirts for them. This will cost you a little money, but it is a great way to show specific clients what else you can offer them and create future business for yourself.

Work on implementing at least one of the tips above per month, and documents how each tip expands or improves your screen printing business