3 Non-Traditional, At-Home Printing Methods

25 September 2014
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Offset printing is a traditional printing method that is revered in the publication world. This method is used by popular magazines and catalogs. The printing method generates results that are difficult to duplicate with any other printing method. The process is simple, but the costs can be high for someone looking to print a few items. Therefore, there are three nontraditional and affordable printing methods you can consider for your next project.

Screen printing

Commonly used to create T-shirt designs, screen printing uses a stencil to transfer the design to the designated material. In this process, a screen is attached to a wood frame that acts as the stencil. The stencil or screen is pressed against the fabric to transfer the inked image onto the surface. Screen printing can be done using two methods:

  • Manual screen printing: not the best option for inexperienced printers since it takes longer to perform. The color application process can be tedious therefore it is common to only use one or two colors. However, the costs are extremely low and you can purchase a kit from a craft store.
  • Screen printing machines: great for a small business. They allow you to print on a number of items within a shorter period of time.

When choosing a screen printing method, it is best to determine whether you are looking to screen print for personal reasons or start your own business.

Iron On Transfers

Transfer designs can be purchased from craft stores or made from home.  An iron is used to apply the image to whatever surface you are using.  The image quality is heavily dependent on the quality of transfer paper that you decide to purchase. Using this method you can customize apparel within a few minutes. The iron on transfer process is one of the easiest and cheapest image printing processes available. 

Digital Printing

This printing process has increased in popularity because of how convenient and quick it is to complete.  Printing is done using laser or inkjet printing devices. Digital printing allows artists that are looking to reproduce their work a more hands on approach. Using this method they can oversee the entire process from start to finish while making changes. This is a luxury that is not readily afforded with traditional offset printing.

Printing from home offers a few affordable and quality printing options. Now you can utilize these nontraditional methods in your upcoming projects.