What To Look For In A Copy Machine For Your Printing Business

15 January 2016
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When you run a printing service, your copy machine better be up to the task of handling many types of documents a day. From being able to copy crisp and clear pages to working as quickly as possible to get copies produced, you need to make sure you choose the right machine for your business. Here are things to look for when shopping for a copy machine for your printing service.

Copying output

Choose a copy machine that is able to handle a variety of tasks, from faxing, scanning, to copying multiple documents at once. Your local office appliance store should have many copy machines available for commercial and business use, and each copier should have listed in its qualities the number of copies it can produce in a minute. You want to choose a multi-functional machine that can produce many copies at once so you can perform tasks more quickly.

Copy color

You want a copy machine that can produce crisp black and white copy as well as full-image copy for customers who want advertisement, book covers, and more for their personal needs. You also want to choose a copy machine that can produce copies on a variety of styles of paper, from glossy to photo to card stock, in addition to traditional printing paper.

Choose a copier that is known for color quality that stays true to the original scanned document. You can compare color quality of different copiers by checking their print resolutions- the higher the resolution, the better quality prints you will have as a result.

Memory function

For large projects, it may work best for you to have a copy machine for your business that has an SD card slot for saving and copying multiple pages at once. This is beneficial for the following:

  • printing advertisement pages
  • printing photo images
  • printing book chapters

An SD card slot is also beneficial for customers who save all their documents electronically and wish to have their pages copied off of a simple SD card for their own convenience.

There are many copy machines on the market today that provide a variety of functions to yield you excellent results in your printing practice. From vivid print resolution to being able to produce copies at a speedy rate, you should look for key things in a copier so you can effectively run your business. Your local office supply store should be able to provide you with many copy machine options that can meet the needs of your business. Contact a company like J M Todd Inc for more information on copiers.