Creative Material Options For Your Business Cards

29 January 2016
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Most people know what to expect from a business card – a small paper rectangle with important contact details. They end up lost, thrown away, or forgotten. How about creating a card that doesn't meet this fate, and is instead appreciated for its creativity? Skip the paper and try one of the following materials if you want to craft a memorable card that will keep you in the forefront of your client's attention.

Idea #1: Get Creative With Cardboard

Heavy weight cardboard or even corrugated cardboard grabs more attention than flimsy cardstock. Since it is more durable, it can also take more design options. For example, you can have designs die cut out of the card. You could even create a foldable card that serves a different purpose with the help of die cuts. For example, design the card so when it is folded a certain way it becomes an easel for holding a smart phone.

Idea #2: Perfect It With Plastic

Plastic is a material that isn't often considered when it comes to business cards, but it is a perfect option. It is thin and flexible like cardstock, but it is also more durable and waterproof. Much like cardboard, plastic can handle die cuts. Instead of printing your logo, have it punched out of the plastic. Plastic is also good as a multi-purpose card material. For example, your card can be designed to be used as a clip or page marker if you are in the printing or publishing business. If you are a designer, have your card designed to double as a plastic stencil.

Idea #3: Make It In Metal

Thin metal, whether it's lightweight aluminum or thin sheets of steel, creates a card that won't be easily tossed aside. Metal instantly evokes a cool, modern look. Instead of printing, etching is used to add your contact and business details to the card. You aren't limited to plain silver-tone metals either. The metal can be dyed almost any color you desire or even screenprinted with a design. This is also a card that is sure to find a permanent home in a client's wallet if you design it properly. For example, you can make it so that it doubles as a wallet-style multi-tool or bottle opener.

Idea #4: Texturize With Textiles

Fabric cards are an excellent choice for those in interior design, fashion, or any other industry where fabric plays a major role. A miniature wallet-sized swatch card can provide the perfect card that is sure to be memorable. You can even go with a card made of cardstock or one of the materials above, and then have a ribbon woven through it, perhaps through slits or adhered to the card itself. Visit for more information.