What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wide Format Printer For Your Business

29 January 2016
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In the last few years, wide format printers have become increasingly more popular for commercial use. They are ideal for printing posters, banners, murals, wallpaper and other large graphic pieces. These printers are used by businesses that offer graphic printing services and for other benefits that want to print their own ads as well. These are some of the benefits of using wide format printers for your business.

High Quality Printing 

Wide format printers print a variety of different types of graphics exceptionally well. This type of printer uses a droplet technology that leaves pixels nearly undetectable in the graphics that are printed. The vivid colors flow together so smoothly, that graphic pieces look almost life-like. This is ideal for printing ads with logos that will easily grab the attention of potential customers.

Each graphic that is printed with a wide format printer will be sharply detailed. The excellent results produced by a wide format printer will make your printed graphics look highly professional.  Wide format printers also print texted graphics perfectly. Even in you are printing a graphic piece with a large amount of small text, every letter will be easily readable every time.


In the past, ink jet printers were often used for printing photographs, banners and other types of high graphic pieces. The downfall of this was that inkjet printers took a very long time to print each graphic piece.

Wide format printers print much faster and more efficiently because they have four printing heads that go in two directions at the same time. Therefore, your graphics will be printed more quickly and easily. Wide format printers are also very user friendly which also helps decrease the time it takes to complete a printing job.

Cost Efficiency 

The high quality and ease of use makes wide printers perfect for any business. You will be able to meet your own business printing needs without having to hire an outside printing company to do this for you. This will save you on the cost of both labor and printing supplies that you would otherwise have to pay to a professional printing service.

Wide format printers are also perfect for printing brochures, pamphlets and other documents that do not have a substantial amount of graphics. Unlike other types of printers, wide format printers can easily differentiate between text and graphics so that you get perfect results each time you print.