Three Reasons To Rent A Printer Instead Of Buying One For Your Small Business

8 February 2016
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When you own and operate a small business out of your home, your office equipment needs are not substantial. Typically, you can get by with a laptop or desktop computer and some business software. If you are currently in need of a printer for a short-term, high-volume project, you may be considering buying this extra piece of equipment. However, do you really need to buy a printer? The alternative is to find a store that has printer rentals as a service. Here are three reasons to rent a printer instead of buying one.

1. You Do Not Incur the Purchase Expense

Most small businesses that rent a printer for a short time do so because they do not have enough cash to buy a printer that can handle their needs. Commercial printers or multi-function office printers are able to print large volumes of whatever you need, but they are very expensive to purchase and own. By renting a printer for a day, a week or a couple of weeks, you can cut that particular expense way down and still accomplish your printing tasks.

2. If the Rented Printer Breaks Down, You Do Not Have to Fix or Replace It

Printer rentals come with the expectation that eventually they will wear out. If you get a printer that wears out or breaks down while you are renting it, you do not have to fix it or replace it on your own. If it runs out of ink or toner, you may have to replace that out of your own pocket (check with the rental place to see who covers fresh ink/toner). Additionally, the rental store may even offer you another printer to finish your printing work or offer you a partial refund for the time you could not use the printer.

3. Drop off and Pick up Options May Be Available

If you live a little bit too far away from the nearest printer rental store, there may be a drop off and/or pick up option available. The stores that offer this can ship the printer to you or send an IT consultant to your home with the printer for drop off. When you need to return the printer, you can either send it back or have the IT consultant pick up the printer up from your home. This may cost a little extra, but it does provide a convenient service that will save you on gas money. Contact a business that offers Office Products Services for more information.