Learn What Information To Include On A Sign Promoting A Charity Auction

9 February 2016
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Holding a charity auction can be a great way to raise money for a charity. When you plan to hold a charity auction, you need to be sure that you properly publicize it so that you can have as many people at the event as possible so you can raise the most funds possible. The following guide walks you through the information you need to include on the signs to ensure that you properly promote the auction to the public.

Include the Location

You need to be sure to include the exact location where the auction will be held. Put the address of the building, as well as any pertinent information guests need to know about parking. If the building is difficult to identify, consider including information about a building or easily identifiable landmark within the address location. Say the building is next to the playground, bank, or supermarket, if it is hard to find or not easily identifiable.

Include the Date and Time

You want to be sure that you include the exact date and time of the event. List the time that the doors open to the auction, as well as the time the actual auction will start. You want to be sure that people arrive to the event in advance so that they can be seated and ready to start bidding by the time you want the auction to begin.

Include the Charity Information

It is important for people to know what charity the auction is supporting. If you are having the auction for a charity that may not be well-known by the public, consider adding a website to the sign that allows people to learn more about the charity.

Include the Items Being Auctioned

In order to entice interest in the auction, you need to let everyone know what things can be found at the event. List large items that will be auctioned off to try to get people into the door. Be sure to only list things that you already physically have ready to auction, rather than the things that you think you may be able to get to auction at the event. You do not want to claim there will be things available to bid on and then they not be there because this could irritate some of the bidders.

Include a List of Accepted Forms of Payment

You need to take the time to also include the different forms of payments you will be able to accept at the auction. If you do not have a credit card machine to use when someone wins an auction, you need to be sure that you specify that you will only be able to accept cash and checks at the auction.

Once you have all of these things included on the signs, have them printed by your printing services as soon as possible. You want to be sure that you start promoting the event as soon as possible so that people can start to plan to come to it right away.