Three Ways To Save Money On Copying Costs

12 February 2016
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If you have a copier in your business that you find is always out of ink, you may need to limit the use of the copier from some of your employees. There are some employees who feel that it is okay to use a copier to make flyers promoting their upcoming bake sale or to alert everyone that their dog is missing. While these may seem of the utmost importance to the person making them, it is ultimately costing your business a lot of money. The following guide walks you through a few tips for cutting down on your copier costs.

Use Only Black Toner

Copiers need to use many different colors of toner to create colored copies. Colored toner cartridges are often much more expensive than black toner cartridges because of the numerous colors that must be housed in the cartridges. You want to be sure to change the settings on the copier so that it will only print in black toner. You can also try to get deals on Brother toner cartridges and other brands. This will cut down on your copying costs and still give everyone the copies they need.

Create a Code for Each Employee

Many copiers will allow you to add passcodes in order to operate them to ensure that no one can use the copier who should not be using the copier. You can assign a different code to each employee. The copier will be able to print out a report that states how many copies each code made and since each code will be attached to a specific person, you will know who is making frivolous copies very quickly. You can then let the people who are making frivolous copies to stop making them right away.

Limit the Paper Availability

Do not fill the copy machine with paper, if you want to limit usage. Put someone in charge of the copy paper. Ensure that they hand out paper sparingly and make sure that the people who are making copies are not wasting it. The more difficult it is for people to make frivolous copies, the less likely they will be to do it.

Be sure to talk to your employees about the changes. Explain to them why they have to happen and how you want the copier to be used in the future. This will help them to see that you are simply trying to cut down on costs in the office so that money is used as efficiently as possible.