Three Reasons To Use Bound Inserts

24 March 2016
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If you're arranging to have some magazine or book inserts printed up to expand your advertising reach, try to arrange to have the inserts bound into the seam of the publication in which you plan to put them. While it might be easier or even cheaper to use loose inserts, binding the inserts into the seam or spine has three huge advantages.

Less Annoyance

For people reading the book or magazine, a loose insert can be an annoyance. All the reader has to do is hold the book or magazine up while reading to find the inserts suddenly dropping out onto the person's lap, laptop, lunch, or whatever happens to be under the publication at the time. You might think that would make your insert more noticeable, but readers have become so accustomed to inserts falling out that the readers are more likely to treat the inserts as trash instead of reading material. Plus, if the inserts fall out and it's windy out, the inserts can end up being blown all over the place.

More Visibility

When the inserts stay in, the magazine or book will have a tendency to fall open where the insert is. In other words, if you hold a magazine with a bound insert and quickly leaf through pages, you'll see the pages tend to want to open up right where the insert is placed. Anyone reading that publication will see the insert very quickly. This increases the visibility of the insert greatly without creating an additional mess for the reader to clean up. Bound inserts usually have perforated edges near the site of the binding, so your insert can still be removed and further investigated by the reader.

Less Chance of Getting Lost

Some loose inserts fall out of publications even when the publication hasn't been opened because the pages of the publication are very sleek and slippery. A magazine going through the mail, for example, can lose loose inserts easily. If that happens to yours, then no one sees your advertising (and your company becomes known for creating garbage). But if your inserts are bound into the seam or spine of the publication, the inserts aren't going anywhere.

You can choose from several types of bound inserts, from full-page to card-size to two-page and more. Talk to printing shops to find the best size and style of bound insert for your advertising. Contact a company like Flottman Company to get started.