Considerations To Keep In Mind When Getting Custom Embroidered Shirts For Your Business

18 August 2016
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When you run your own small business, wearing a shirt that has your embroidered logo on it can make you appear more credible and more professional, whether you're dealing with clients in your place of work, attending an industry event or even just being out and about in the community. The process of having these shirts made is relatively simple; typically, you'll create an online account, upload your logo, and then pick the specific manner in which you want it to be embroidered onto the shirt. Giving some careful consideration to this process can help to ensure that you're pleased with the end result and that it will help project your brand when people see you. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Pick The Right Color Of Shirt

Typically, you'll have a number of different options for the color of your shirt. It's important that you pick a color that will complement the color of your logo, but also that will allow your logo to show up. For example, if you select a black polo shirt to go with a navy blue logo, the logo will not be overly visible when you're face to face with people. White might seem like a plain color for a shirt, but it's ideal because it pairs well with any color of logo, allowing for a high degree of visibility.

Select An Image That Is Conducive To Embroidering

If your business's main logo is convoluted, it might not be overly conducive to embroidering, which could make it difficult for people to read your shirt. Think about using a secondary logo — one that is simpler and better to have embroidered. If you don't have such a logo, there's nothing wrong with opting for some print embroidering. Perhaps putting the name of your business and your website URL on there would be enough. This simple design may lack a high degree of visual interest, but will be easily deciphered by people.

Opt For The Best Quality Of Shirt Available

When you browse the shirt options online, many companies will typically have a base-level shirt and also offer an upgraded shirt. The latter may be made of softer material, not require ironing, or have a softer, more comfortable collar. It's best to spend a little more to get the best quality of shirt you can. You'll be wearing the shirt a lot, so comfort is vitally important. Additionally, since you'll be frequently washing the shirt, a higher-quality model will be less resistant to shrinking during repeated washes.

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