The Right Printing Company And A Good Wolfman Can Help Sell Tree Trimming Services

6 October 2016
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The snarling, howling figure of The Wolfman is associated with classic horror movies and even a few modern ones. The Wolfman is hardly associated with tree trimming services. However, The Wolfman is not an odd fit in the promotional advertisements for tree services. The hairy, howling man-beast could quite humorously -- and effectively -- get across several points why a good tree trimming would not be a bad idea.

Trees and other Growths Cause Problems The Wolfman Illustrates

Anyone who has had not tree trimming or other yard work done on a property for some time may be unaware of all the hazards that might arise. A unique, Wolfman-oriented print advertisement may very well drive the silver-tipped point home.

  • High Hedges and Low Branches Create Cover

Safety should be a homeowner's primary concern. The beauty of a yard is important, but so is the elimination of dangers and over-sized hedge or a number of long, hanging branches present. Burglars love these obstructions since they can hide under them while plotting a break-in. An illustrated color brochure of The Wolfman hiding under a hedge and looking at someone relaxing in front of the TV oblivious to the danger gets the necessity to trim obstructing branches and hedges across.

  • Branches Mean Animal Access

A branch that stretches across the yard and connect with a home acts as a bridge for possums, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals—you guessed it, The Wolfman. They could end up on the roof and, subsequently, inside a home. A flyer featuring a detailed picture of The Wolfman hanging from a branch—his claws touching a window—should ring some alarm bells.

  • Poor Tree and Garden Care Means Slips and Falls

Images of The Wolfman are supposed to be frightening—maybe as frightening as the prospect of being sued. A depiction of the creature on a poster lying on the ground with an obviously injured leg after tripping over a vine, branch, or other growth creates the image that anyone—human or otherwise—can suffer from a slip and fall accident. And this means liability claims and civil litigation.

Clean up all these problems with trees, branches, and hedges eliminates more than just Wolfman-style fantasy scenarios. Many very real problems property owners must contend with are eliminated, too.

The Wolfman Works

People don't respond to dull advertising materials. The Wolfman and his movies are hardly dull, and neither would be any promotional material using his menacing snarl to sell a product or service. The unique use of The Wolfman leads people to stop and think and, hopefully, choose to purchase the service. Check out websites like for more inspiration about starting an advertising campaign.