Purchase A Copy Machine For Client And Business Use

4 January 2021
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If you own a business that doesn't require the use of an office setting, but you and your employees regularly use an outside source for printing and copying needs, you may want to consider adding a copy machine to your business atmosphere. A copy machine is an investment that can make work duties more streamlined and can aid your clients with their own printing or copying requirements.

The Type Of Copier

A standard copy machine uses a bright lens to focus on an image that is going to be duplicated and a laser printer uses a laser beam to record an image. There are also inkjet copiers, which will require an ink cartridge to be inserted in the equipment prior to operation. With any type of copying equipment, you have the option of choosing black or color toner or ink, or a combination of the two.

Maybe you would like to supply your workforce with the option of using color and black printing, but you would like to save on costs associated with customer usage. In this type of scenario, you could limit your patrons from accessing color ink or you could ask each person who utilizes the equipment to pay a fee for each page that is being copied, printed, or scanned. The fees will offset the cost associated with needing to replace toner or ink materials.

The Setup And The Features

A floor model copier could be placed alongside your reception area or customer service desk, allowing you and any other people on duty to monitor the machine's usage. If you choose to purchase a tabletop copy machine, you will need a table or a countertop to support the weight of the equipment. Decide upon a central location that is easy to access by both your employees and your patrons.

Prior to purchasing a copier, decide what type of features you would like the equipment to include. A plain copier will be suitable for making duplicate copies of documents, but if there will be a need for printed materials that are accessed via the internet, a multi-functional machine that performs more targeted applications will be necessary. Check out the paper thickness guidelines that a machine possesses since some machines will only allow a standard paper to be used and others may allow thicker paper types, such as card stock to be used. For more information, contact a copy machine company.