Work Closely With A Commercial Printer

29 June 2021
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When you need items printed for your company, you should take your jobs to a commercial printer. Not only can you find that they did a much better job than you would have, but there may be a lot of projects you need to be done that you simply won't have the capabilities of doing yourself. Here is a short guide on commercial printers. It covers what they can offer, and why you should maintain a good working relationship with one. 

Things a print shop can print:

No matter what type of business you run, you will likely have a need to at least have some things printed. Some types of businesses need a lot of items printed. Here are some examples of things that a print shop can print for various businesses: 


A print shop can print everything from large banners to real estate signs. They can print small signs to be used inside of a business, or large signs intended for outdoor use. Any business with a physical business location needs some type of signage. 

Marketing materials

Marketing materials consist of things like flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. These are also things that a print shop can supply you with. The ones you receive will be of professional quality and would have been designed using software that ensures all the information is displayed in a way that allows it to flow and be read in the intended order. 

Packaging materials

If you sell products that have their own boxes, then you may want the boxes to display the name of the product or the logo of your company. Having a nice font printed on the packaging instead of using a label can add a touch of class. For example, if you sell scented candles and they come in their own box, then having your logo and the scent of the candle printed right on the box in a nice, metallic cursive font can give it a special touch. Some other examples of these types of things include lipstick, perfumes, or candy. 

Stickers and labels

If you sell products, then you need labels for the products. Labels can also be used for everything, from sealing packages with something that has the company logo, to adding the company logo on the shipping box or container. Stickers can also be used as promotional items, given out to people to help your business gain brand recognition by getting your logo in front of as many people as possible. 


Decals can also be used for a lot of purposes. Window decals can help welcome customers and introduce them to things like a current promotion or sale or letting them know a new product that's in demand is now in stock. Floor graphic decals can also help point customers where you want them to go and promote certain things. Decals can even be put on the work vehicles to help you attract more customers. 

Why you want to have a working relationship with the print shop

When you do regular business with a print shop and they come to know you, they can end up contacting you to let you know about upcoming specials they will be running that they feel you would be interested in. They will also be free with their advice when it comes to how some of your items should be printed. They will even be more likely to put an extra rush on your rush jobs.