Need a New Copier? 3 Types to Choose From

8 September 2021
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If you need to purchase a new copier for your business, you will find there are different types available on the market. This can make it difficult to make the right choice. To help you, below is information about three types so you will choose the right one for your business.

1. Mono Copiers

A mono, also known as monochrome, is a basic copier that copiers in only black and white. You can save money if you purchase this type as it is less expensive when compared to other copiers. You also only have to purchase one black toner, which can save you even more money during the life of the copier. If you plan to only copy things like letters or other things that are in black and white this would work well for you. You can find mono copiers in a variety of sizes and from low volume to much higher volume. There are mono copiers available that can copy, fax, and print. Ask about how fast the copier prints, however, as some will print faster than others. 

2. Color Copiers

A color copier uses four basic colors, black, yellow, blue, and red. When you copy a colored copy, the copier combines these colors to make just about any color that you want. This way whatever you copy will come out perfectly.

When this copier runs it goes through the copy process four times for each color. As it copies it combines the colors in a way that will create the color that is needed for your copy. This copier has a variety of features available. For example, you can find copiers that have extra memory, hard drives that allow you to save what you copy, and built-in Wi-Fi 

3. Desktop Copiers

If you do not need a big copier there are desktop copiers that are small enough to sit at a desk. You could have a designated desk for the copier or if you have a lot of employees that need to make copies you could purchase a copier for each of their desks. You can consider using paper trays. This will make the copier higher and a little larger, however. You can purchase desktop copiers with different functions. For example, some can scan, print, and copy and fax documents. 

Talk with a printer salesperson about these copiers and they can help you make the right choice.