Protocols For Sororities Creating Congratulations Cards For New Members

30 March 2022
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In order for your sorority to greet new members, you can send them congratulations cards. Congratulations cards bring excitement and also give new members a personal keepsake to have forever. Just make sure you take these actions when choosing cards each time new members are accepted. 

Find Artists That Are Familiar With Sorority Customs

You have the ability to work with an artist when designing congratulations cards for new members that were recently accepted into your sorority. You can make the most out of their services if you verify that they have experience with sororities and the customs that are associated with them. This will help you get congratulations cards that have the right aesthetic and themes, which can be catered to your specific sorority. Your card designer will know exactly what style to use for both the lettering and graphics. 

Customize the Envelopes 

You'll probably end up putting these sorority-themed congratulations cards in envelopes so that they have ample protection until the new members are able to open them up. It's a good idea to customize these envelopes too so that you give new members a complete experience. For instance, you can put your sorority logo on the envelope just like you'll probably do with the congratulations cards. You can also put custom lettering on the front showing the new member's name. That will make them feel special because your sorority took the time to make sure all aspects of their card are perfect. 

Consider Stickers for Easy Customization 

If you want to do some of your own designing when creating custom sorority-themed congratulations cards, then one thing you can do is apply stickers to them. Then you won't even need to have design experience with customizing these types of cards. You can choose specific stickers and place them in strategic ways around the congratulations cards. You have a lot of options to choose from today. Just go with stickers that are appropriate for your sorority's theme, and also try to get stickers that are durable so that they hold up well on the cards. Then your congratulations cards will be that much more unique.

If you're hoping to make new members feel great about being accepted to your sorority, then you can customize their congratulations cards. As long as you keep your sorority's history in mind and use the right resources, these congratulations cards are going to be amazing and really make a good impression on the new members. 

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