3 Ways To Use Expanded Content Labels On Products

28 July 2022
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An expanded content label is a thin label that consumers can peel to reveal additional information on a product. For many products, you do not have the shelf space to attach a full manual or other details on the product. An expanded content label uses advanced technology to create a thin label filled with a lot of details and information.

As you move forward with the label printing process for your product, learn about some of the more effective ways to use expanded content labels. The methods may include both informational and fun features.

1. Directions & Safety Information

Some products may need a lot more directions and safety information than the back of a product has room for. An expanded content label will give you a lot of extra room to feature safety information. For example, if you sell a cleaner or chemical, you may need to include detailed instructions and safety information.

The details will help protect your company if incidents occur and give consumers all the information they need to properly use a product. With advanced printers, you have the opportunity to print small font sizes and pack the expanded content with a lot of detailed information.

2. Contests & Coupons

If you want to run promotions for your product, then consider an expanded content label. The label can open up to reveal an exclusive coupon and UPC code to enter the coupon. If you run a contest, then the inside label code features a unique entry code or a QR code with a direct link to an online entry page.

The front side of the label could showcase details about the promotion including potential contest prizes or details about the coupon. A label company can make a label that peels off so consumers can keep the coupon separate and place it in a purse or wallet.

3. Recipes & Ideas

If you sell food products, then an expanded content label can provide you with fun ways to connect with consumers and offer ideas for various recipes and products. For example, the inside label could feature a collection of recipes that use the product. Along with the text, you could include pictures of the finished meals as inspiration.

You could choose to print a seasonal label that includes holiday-based recipes and ideas. Print out a limited run that helps your product stand out throughout specific seasons.

Contact a label printing company to see samples of expanded content labels and learn some of the unique ways to use them on your products.