Six Issues That Could Compromise The Quality Of Press Printing Results

20 January 2023
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If you are in need of press printing services, you should know how to properly prepare the files you submit to your printer for the best possible results. The following are six issues to avoid that could potentially compromise the quality and usefulness of press printing results. 

Being unaware that images in your files are low resolution

Low-resolution image files can result in printed material that doesn't look very good. Check on the resolution of the photos and image files that you have available. Discuss image resolution with your printer. Your printer can give you some minimum standards to meet to ensure a quality result when you have materials printed. 

Neglecting to discuss file format needs beforehand

Documents submitted for printing can come in a wide variety of formats. The printing equipment that your press printing service uses might only be able to work with certain file types.

This means that you need to discuss file format needs beforehand and make sure that you can create and submit documents in one of the acceptable format types before hiring a particular press printing service. 

Not putting enough time into proofreading

Press printing services don't usually do any proofreading for customers. That's why it's so important that you carefully proofread the files you send in for printing multiple times. You might have to pay twice for press printing services if you accidentally send in a file that contains errors in the text or graphics. 

Choosing the wrong color model or not discussing the color model with your printer

The color model is one of the most important considerations of any press printing project. If you don't carefully discuss print model considerations with your press printer beforehand, the finished documents could come out looking a lot different than you expect. 

Being unaware of licensing requirements

There are a lot of licensing considerations to be aware of when you submit a file for printing services. Imagery and fonts that you use in your document might have a copyright on them so, you need to meet certain licensing requirements before you can use them. 

Failing to put enough effort and time into communicating with your printer

When you start working with a commercial press printing service, make sure that you discuss your project in detail. Inadequate communication between you and your printer can lead to problems down the road.

Make sure that you ask your printing service provider questions on details like budgeting considerations, printing materials, binding needs, and more. For more information, contact a company like Wally's Printing.