Three Things CBD Packaging Needs To Succeed

14 April 2023
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CBD products are exploding in popularity among consumers. With more products on the shelf and more variety to choose from, it's extremely important that your packaging is visually interesting and meets the needs of consumers as readily as possible. If you're setting up for new CBD packaging, make sure to incorporate these three elements into it.

Explicit Measurements

At one point, buyers would be interested in products that were labeled as having CBD, without any further information available than that. However, with the aforementioned increase in available CBD products, consumers want to know more to determine the difference between products, as well as how potent and helpful they may be.

One easy way to get this message across is to detail how much CBD your product contains boldly on the front of the package. You should not only include the amount of CBD in the product in milligrams, but if it's a product that's divided up into portions, you should also make mention of how much each serving contains. Since some CBD products contain very little CBD, any mention of an exact amount of the product will help to get a buyer's attention.  


Another element of CBD to highlight is that it's non-intoxicating. Newcomers to CBD are curious about the substance but may be hesitant to try it due to its connections to marijuana. Remember, many people who are interested in CBD for its pain relief or anxiety benefits haven't tried THC and may be afraid of drugs. It's important to inform - or reinforce if they've already heard about it - that CBD doesn't have any impact on one's mental faculties, won't get them high, and won't make them feel munchies. Simply stating that the product is non-intoxicating in bold font on the front will help to give potential buyers a sense of security and reassurance. If there's space for it, providing more information on this on the back of the package is also a good idea. 

Thoughtful Color Usage

Color has a very big impact on people and can be used to help emphasize the point of your product. For example, CBD products often focus on its ability to do things like improve sleep. Before a potential buyer ever reads a word on the product packaging, you want them to be drawn in by the color.

For example, if you're selling a product that's supposed to help with sleep, a dark or black package will help to draw attention and make people think about being asleep. As another example, products that help to relieve anxiety should try using calm, gentle colors, like pastels. Meanwhile, a product for pain relief might try using bright colors like yellow. Bright colors are best because they tend to inspire feelings of energy and enthusiasm, which is something that people in pain are often searching for.

CBD products can do a lot to help people, but you need to get it in their hands, first. With the right packaging guidance, your product will stand out on a shelf and get scooped up by buyers.

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