Protocols For Sororities Creating Congratulations Cards For New Members

30 March 2022
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In order for your sorority to greet new members, you can send them congratulations cards. Congratulations cards bring excitement and also give new members a personal keepsake to have forever. Just make sure you take these actions when choosing cards each time new members are accepted.  Find Artists That Are Familiar With Sorority Customs You have the ability to work with an artist when designing congratulations cards for new members that were recently accepted into your sorority. Read More 

Ways Custom Size Booklet Printing Can Be Put To Great Use For A Company

24 January 2022
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Custom size booklet printing can be done for so many types of businesses. If you aren't already using booklets for your business, then you may want to learn more about them. This way, you can decide if having some printed would be beneficial. Here are some of the ways custom size booklet printing is used in some different industries. Real estate offices — Custom booklets can be printed for a real estate company. Read More